American Style Fridge Freezers - Benefits

American Style Fridge Freezers - Benefits

What are the benefits of American style fridge freezers?

One of the most sought after home appliances at the moment is USA style fridge freezers. Americans have been enjoying the luxury of these larger than standard fridge freezers - and it’s obvious why:

• American Fridge Freezer = fantastic amount of space
• American Fridge Freezer = Chilled drinks on tap
• American Fridge Freezer = Home bar
• American Fridge Freezer = Instant ice cubes
• American Fridge Freezer = huge storage capacity

You can find these US fridge freezers at many top named UK suppliers.

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Frost Free

Most American style fridge freezers are frost free:

Frost Free - choose a Frost Free fridge freezer and you will never have to worry about defrosting your freezer again.

Advantages of frost free
No need to manually defrost the ice buildup
Food packaging is easier to see because it's clear of frost
Most frozen foods don't stick together
Smells are limited, especially in total frost free appliances, since the air is constantly circulating

Disadvantages of frost free
The system is more expensive to run due to higher power consumption

A safety device is required to be connected with the heating element, due to the high instant-power values that can be reached

The temperature of the freezer contents rises during the defrosting cycles
On hot humid days condensation will sometimes form around the refrigerator doors.

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May 20, 2022
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